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About me

It all started a long long time ago...

It all started out a long long time ago with my first Piano. Followed  by various keyboards until the day my Proteus MPS arrived and got connected to the Atari 1040 ST via Midi to a program called "Creator SL" at that time...that program became "Notator SL" ... "Notator Logic"....and today is know as "Logic Pro". And yes, the screen of that Atari was in black and white. I still remember scoring the first short movies in school writing down the minutes and seconds from that VHS recorder to mark important scenes or actions. Guess they call it "the good old times"

And today...

trying my best to get back into the game. And today's possibilities are infinite, what a wonderful time. This is why I created the Youtube channel, to share all the things that inspire and fascinate me. If you are interested: Welcome to join me on that journey!



After the Battle

Autumn Spirits

Sibillini Mountains


Guitar Reveries

The last Storm

At the coast

Some violin on a Sunday morning

Hidden Secret

Looking for music for your video, movie, game, event or need an arrangment finished?

Just contact me, would be a pleasure to collaborate with you. Here some examples of recent collaborations: (come soon.....)

Film scoring tutorials

How to create a beatmap in Logic

How I scored my last short movie


Zero-G: Ethera Gold Atlantis

Pulsesetter Sound: Hybrid Head Crusher

Heavyocity: Symphonic Destruction

Heavyocity: Damage Drum Kit

Project Sam: Pandora Core

Westwood Instruments: Untamed Series

Heavyocity: Foundations Staccato Strings


You can send me an email to: m@rtin.it or simpy use the form below. Please check even your spam-folder if you are awaiting an answer.