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SWAT - Score with a Twist

Welcome and welcome back. On this page you find all the rules for Score With A Twist (there aren't many) and the unscored clip.

Just download the short clip and then tell us your musical story. You are completely free to interpret the scene to your liking (happy, sad, uplifting, horror, scary). Please just remember to have a twist in your story in whatsoever direction you prefer. We will judge your story simply by emotional reasons and if your twist surprised us. As Rebecca said in the introduction video: TELL US YOUR STORY. We will go through all the entries and do the very first selection. Based on the number of entries we will then bring it down to 3-5 finalists. The winner will then be choosen by community choice. Please be aware that we might play your score in an upcoming video and name you and your channel during this competion.

Enjoy and surprise us 😊

  • Only selected free libraries are allowed. I've chosen the following this time
  • You are free to use any effect/plugins to alter the sound to your likings (keep in mind, this is about storytelling and a musical twist, not sounddesign)
  • Upload your video on Youtube or send it to me via WeTransfer
  • Deadline is friday 4th of November 2022 midnight (CET)
  • To be sure that your entry doesn't get lost, please leave a comment under the announcement video (here) or send me an email
  • We will then do the first selection an depending on how many entries we receive bring it down to 3-5 finalists.
  • The winner will be choosen by community choice (a poll on the community tab of my Youtube Channel
  • The winner will receive a license of AVANT Modern Keys, sponsored by Heavyocity https://heavyocity.com/product/avant/
  • Best of luck to everyone

That's it folks, really curious to see your entries. And again: Tell us Your Story!